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Group Training

We provide on-site and off-site, days, evenings and weekends customized education, computer training and other instructional services for:

Corporate IT Training

We take pride in learning about your professional development needs and customizing a training package, whether it be Microsoft Office, Adobe, Professional Development or QuickBooks or even a combination of them all, we will deliver a training package that will benefit all participants.

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One-on-one Training

We fully understand the pressures of today. We are living them as well. As such, a key offering of ASAP Training is our willingness to customize our programs to your individual training availability and overall learning needs.

This service is most useful for those individuals who are self-taught, who may not appreciate learning in a group setting or simply cannot find time to dedicate an entire day for training.

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Professional Development & Computer Training

Take your career or your team’s business performance to the next level! At ASAP, we can help you improve your own or your team’s performances in:

Customer Service
Computer Training
Online Live Computer Application Courses
Online Live IT Certified Courses

We have resources and professional instruction to perfectly match your strengths, needs and wants.

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Online LIVE Training

Online LIVE training provides the same high-quality education, including live lectures, demonstrations and virtual labs, as a traditional classroom training, all while gaining flexibility.

Online LIVE training allows you to:

  • Participate in discussions via live video and audio feeds
  • Perform virtual labs for hands-on experience
  • View documents and presentations in real time
  • Play back any class for review
  • Attend virtual rooms to facilitate team activities
  • Participate in discussions with your instructor and fellow students

With ASAP’s remote sharing technology, instructors can even view and manage the student’s computer for one-to-one mentoring.

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