ExpiredOneNote 2010 Level 3

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Course Overview

Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 is the newest version of Microsoft’s note taking software. This course explores all the basics needed to become proficient with OneNote 2010. Whether you’re using OneNote for the first time, or have been using it for years, this course will help you make the most of OneNote 2010’s new features and interface.

Highlights of the course include how to attach files to notes, create and use audio/video files, and how to use OneNote with Microsoft Outlook. It also covers handwritten text, custom drawing and input methods, and how to share and collaborate with others in OneNote. The basics of the OneNote Web App are also described. Finally, this course will discuss how to work with hyperlinks and linked files, perform basic math, create custom equations, and use a variety of OneNote customization options.

Course Content

Section 1: Integration with OneNote
Lesson 1.1: Attaching Files to a Note
Lesson 1.2: Inserting Audio and Video Files
Lesson 1.3: Working with Audio and Video Files
Lesson 1.4: Sending Information to OneNote
Lesson 1.5: Using OneNote with Microsoft Outlook

Section 2: Working with Handwritten Text
Lesson 2.1: Adding Handwritten Text
Lesson 2.2: Working with Handwritten Text
Lesson 2.3: Using OneNote’s Highlighters

Section 3: Sharing and Synchronizing OneNote Information
Lesson 3.1: Creating Shared Notebooks
Lesson 3.2: Using the OneNote Web App
Lesson 3.3: Keeping Notebooks Up to Date
Lesson 3.4: Working with Versions
Lesson 3.5: Collaboration Tools

Section 4: Advanced Topics
Lesson 4.1: Working with Hyperlinks
Lesson 4.2: Linking Notes
Lesson 4.3: Doing Math with OneNote
Lesson 4.4: Doing More with Equations

Section 5: Customizing OneNote
Lesson 5.1: Using the OneNote Options Dialog
Lesson 5.2: Changing General Options
Lesson 5.3: Changing Advanced Options
Lesson 5.4: Customizing OneNote’s Security

adminExpiredOneNote 2010 Level 3

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