UpcomingQuickBooks Day 5 – Reporting and Year-End Procedures

Rosalina Legaspi

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  • November 2, 2018
    8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Lesson Objectives

In this lesson, you will learn how to use the financial reporting functions of QuickBooks, how to report and remit sales taxes, and to carry out year-end procedures. You will learn how to perform various functions related to accounts receivable, how to remit workers’ compensation premiums, and how to work with data and reports in greater depth. This course also includes topics about setting up QuickBooks to work with a foreign currency and how to perform transactions in the foreign currency. Upon the successful completion of this lesson, you should know how to:

  • create and print financial reports
  • use the Company Snapshot report
  • use the Calendar
  • use the Reminders List
  • prepare and send customer statements
  • charge interest on overdue customer accounts
  • account for NSF cheques and NSF bank charges
  • write off bad debts
  • make customers’ and vendors’ records inactive
  • manage sales tax
  • verify data integrity
  • complete year-end procedures
  • account for and remit workers’ compensation premium
  • use job tracking for time and expenses
  • create invoices based on job and time tracking
  • customize QuickBooks reports
  • access the QuickBooks Web site
  • account for and remit GST/HST and PST
  • Use QuickBooks with a foreign currency
    • Activate the foreign currency feature
    • update currency exchange rates, manually and automatically
    • understand the use of an Exchange Gain/Loss account
    • set up GeneralĀ  Ledger accounts for foreign currency
    • create foreign currency vendors and customers
    • set item pricesĀ  in foreign currency
    • enter and pay bills in foreign currency
    • enter sales invoices and receive payments in foreign currency
    • create reports using foreign currency


Rosalina LegaspiUpcomingQuickBooks Day 5 – Reporting and Year-End Procedures