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Course Length: 1 day (8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)     Instructor Led Training

Course Objective: In this level you will further learn how to enhance a Word document by adding headers and footers, create templates, use bullets, numbers, watermarks, page breaks, section breaks, and use themes as well as do mail merges.

Prerequisites: This course assumes that the user has completed Word 2010 Level 1 or has equivalent knowledge of the basics in Word and understands using the ribbon and Quick Access toolbar. Excperience with using a Web Browser is also required and is familiar with concepts such as cut, copy, paste, navigating and creating a basic Word document.

Course Content

Section 1: Managing Your Documents
Lesson 1.1: Using Windows Explorer within Word
Lesson 1.2: Saving Your Files (PDF & XPS)
Lesson 1.3: Finishing Your Files
Lesson 1.4: Making Word Work Backwards
Lesson 1.5: Viewing/Comparing/Splitting Your Document
Section 2: Using Formatting Tools
Lesson 2.1: Create/Save/Edit Templates
Lesson 2.2: Bullets and Numbering
Lesson 2.3: Paragraph Alignment/Indent/Spacing
Lesson 2.4: Columns/Line, Page, Section Breaks
Lesson 2.5: Cover Pages, Watermarks, Page Border
Lesson 2.6: Adding Hyperlinks
Section 3: Creating Headers and Footers
Lesson 3.1: Creating Basic Headers and Footers
Lesson 3.2: Header and Footer Tools – Design Tab
Lesson 3.3: Inserting/Formatting Page Numbers
Lesson 3.4: Aligning Text, Inserting Date and Time
Section 4: Using Time Saving Tools
Lesson 4.1: Language Tools (Spelling and Grammar)
Lesson 4.2: Using Research Tools
Lesson 4.3: AutoCorrect, Date and Time, Symbols
Lesson 4.4: Specialized Text Recognition
Lesson 4.5: Using the Navigation Pane
Section 5: Finishing Your Document
Lesson 5.1: Themes
Lesson 5.2: Using the Mail Merge Wizard
Lesson 5.3: Performing a Manual Mail Merge
Lesson 5.4: Sending a Document Electronically
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